Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Your automobile manufacturer recommends that you schedule maintenance at various intervals. Maintenance activities include full inspections, part replacements, recalibrations, and more, all designed to extend the life and optimize the performance of the vehicle. When we inspect your car, we look at belts, batteries, brakes, wheel alignment, exhaust systems, suspension systems, filters and countless other important parts to ensure they are all running as efficiently as required.

Fluid Services

Fluids play a major role in almost every facet of your car, including fuel economy and longevity. Proper fluid levels and regular fluid flushes influence your vehicle performance and safety. Over time, your vehicle’s essential fluids, including transmission, brake, and power-steering fluids, lose their ability to clean, cool, lubricate, and flow freely, potentially leading to problems such as transmission overheating and/or failure. Keeping them at the proper level will help your car last longer and drive better. At Purple Wheels, we offer multiple service packages designed to keep those fluids and the systems that rely on them clean and free of leaks.

Trip Inspections

Before embarking on that long road trip with family to your favorite destination or doing that, fun getaway experience with your friends you need to ensure your vehicle is in top shape. Those who neglect doing a quick mechanical check-over – even of newer cars – before taking to the highway are begging to be stranded. Our technicians at Purple Wheels will ensure your car is in the best condition ever to give you that amazing road experience. Your family is also counting on you to take a few preventative measures before you hurl them into the gauntlet of our national highway system.

Premium Auto-Body Customization

The Purple Wheels Collision Repair Center offers much more than just repairing collisions; we also offer customized bodywork and improvement. Customization offers endless possibilities for your vehicle’s exterior appearance. In addition to auto painting, we also offer other car customization services to meet all your automobile remodelling needs.

Our specialists are also trained to analyze, assess and fix damaged vehicles. Their work include repairing, replacing, refinishing outer body parts and fixing internal automotive structures. With cutting-edge equipment and decades of experience, our technicians provide a broad spectrum of services for any make and model, from brand new cars to classics.

Custom Body Panel Installations

You purchased the car, but customization really makes it yours. In addition to being one of the most trusted and respected auto body shops in Ghana, Purple Wheels Collision Center offers a wide range of custom body panel services to help you stand out from the crowd. Panel installation services that include ground kits, scoops, and other modifications totally transform the look and feel of your car.

Add custom wheels and rims to your vehicle to greatly improve your driving experience. Purple Wheels Collision Repair Center carries a large selection of tires and wheels with different finishes, including extensive painting options, powder coating and clearcoats.

Engine Repair and Replacement

Engine repair services can range from a simple fix to a major repair. At Purple Wheels, we have state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment for the evaluation, diagnosis and repair of your vehicle using new, used or redesigned engines. Since your engine consists of most moving parts in your vehicle, many services may be required to operate properly.

Drivability Diagnostics and Engine Performance Check

Engine performance and drivability issues can be some of the most difficult, complicated issues to diagnose and resolve by most service centers. Symptoms of possible engine trouble include Check Engine light turning on or flashing, poor and erratic performance, vehicle failing to start or vehicle stalling. At Purple Wheels, our team of specialists have the most current diagnostic equipment and information available to properly diagnose your drivability problem and to offer a lasting solution to all your engine performance concerns.

Fuel System Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance and repair of your fuel system helps to increase your vehicle’s life, power and performance. Our technicians use special cleaners to clean up the accumulation of carbon in your vehicle’s throttle body. The vehicle is closely monitored throughout the process to ensure that the engine and throttle are giving the best treatment possible.

Interior Detailing

At Purple Wheels, having car detailed means a top-to-bottom thorough cleaning of your vehicle using specialized tools and products. We polish, shine, trim, shampoo, vacuum and condition your vehicle with light cosmetic touch-ups to improve the look and feel of that valuable asset of yours.

Exterior Detailing

The Exterior of the car is reconditioned through waxing, clay baring, machine polishing and deodorization to produce show-quality cleanliness and in all cases giving your car a finish that beats its first look when you owned it.

Body Filling

Knowing the right type of body filler to use can go a long way to ensuring you achieve the look and repair you want when it comes to repairing dents and dings or restoring an older vehicle. The type of body filler you select for any restoration or repair project depends largely on the scope of the project, the type of restoration, and your preference on types. Specialists at Purple Wheels do not only recommend the best filling products, they also ensure their correct application and usage to give the best possible finish.

Ding & Scratch Repair

In more ways than one, vehicle blemishes can be annoying. They also depreciate the value of your car. However, the occasional scratch, ding or dent is almost impossible to avoid because you have no control over the elements or other people. We understand that you want to remove the eyesore immediately. Our dent repair services can help. At Purple Wheels we have seasoned specialists who remedy a wide range of damages. Act quickly, drive in for an assessment to prevent further damage. Paint chipping, dents and scratches can spread like cancer if you do not address them urgently.

Color Match Auto Painting

At Purple Wheels, we have at your disposal Colour Matching specialists who use the latest technology and several years of experience to ensure an appropriate color match and an outstanding finish to your vehicle. While the other guys just go through the motions when repairing or refinishing your car, Purple Wheels pay unparalleled attention to detail when it comes to finding the right color match for your auto paint. After a collision or repainting job, no one wants a splotch on their car. It takes a patient, skilled and experienced painter to find the right color paint to match your vehicle, and that’s what you get at Purple Wheels.

Body Repair And Surface Preparation

Our body repair specialists have mastered the method of removing imperfections on your vehicle to ensure that your finish is free from small dents and unsightly scratches. They surface repair your vehicle to ensure chips, scratches, cracks and excessive peeling do not ultimately ruin your paint job if left untreated and exposed to the elements over time. Body repair and surface prep helps your vehicle get the smoothest finish and the highest gloss possible.

Surface Sealer And Paint Services

Ever noticed how some paint jobs fail to keep their shine? It is because of mixing between that old paint and the new, creating uneven color and gloss. Sealer plays the crucial role of creating a barrier between the old and new paint. This ensures consistent color throughout the entire painted surface and a higher gloss. Our specialists offer incredible paint jobs that include priming and block sanding of all areas. What makes our paint services unique is the longevity, durability, and the superb appearance of the paints (gloss and color match).

Protection & Finish

A great paint job is worthy of great protection. In our paint jobs, we often apply clear coats that not only protect the paint, but also to ensure an accurate match of gloss and a seamless overall repair.

Supercar Servicing

At the Purple Wheels Supercar clinic, our team of specialists attends to all servicing needs by maintaining a high quality, personalized and impeccable service to owners of these specialized vehicles. We handle various supercars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin and other marques of distinction.

Supercar Repairs

Our full-service clinic is equipped with state-of-the art equipment and experts who have the knowledge to repair even the most challenging auto problems on all makes and models of supercars. We use the latest technology to assess each situation and proffer the right solutions that leave a lasting impression in the minds of our happy clients.

Tyre Balancing and Replacement

In fitting your tires to your vehicle, the manufacturer ensured that they were measured on a balancing machine and correction weights used to counteract their combined imbalance. Once you perceive excessive vibration, which may have been caused by wheel imbalance, imperfect tire or wheel shape, you need to bring it in for checks by our experienced tire specialists.

Wheel Alignment and Replacement

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the wheel angles to the specifications of the car manufacturer. These adjustments are intended to reduce tire wear and ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without “pulling” to one side).

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