Auto Painting

Do you need to repaint your car? You may have been in an accident and damaged your car. After years of sun and rain damage, you might just want to freshen up the finish of your car. Either way, Purple Wheels’ auto painting specialists can be of the utmost assistance.

As your trusted auto care company, we go above and beyond to make sure your car looks as good as when you drove it off the lot. From chemically cleaning the old car paint, to thoroughly sanding your car’s surface and protecting all chrome fixtures, we can transform your car with a new coat of paint.


Our body repair specialists have mastered the method of removing imperfections on your vehicle to ensure that your finish is free from small dents and unsightly scratches. They surface repair your vehicle to ensure chips, scratches, cracks and excessive peeling do not ultimately ruin your paint job if left untreated and exposed to the elements over time. Body repair and surface prep helps your vehicle get the smoothest finish and the highest gloss possible.


Ever noticed how some paint jobs fail to keep their shine? It is because of mixing between that old paint and the new, creating uneven color and gloss. Sealer plays the crucial role of creating a barrier between the old and new paint. This ensures consistent color throughout the entire painted surface and a higher gloss. Our specialists offer incredible paint jobs that include priming and block sanding of all areas. What makes our paint services unique is the longevity, durability, and the superb appearance of the paints (gloss and color match).


A great paint job is worthy of great protection. In our paint jobs, we often apply clear coats that not only protect the paint, but also to ensure an accurate match of gloss and a seamless overall repair.

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